PPFA Comparative Standards for Matboard

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PPFA Comparative Standards for Matboard
by PPFA Guidelines Task Force
"Comparative Standards for Matboard: a Comprehensive Guide of Classifications and Specifications" is an 8-page booklet from the PPFA Guidelines Task Force (Jim Miller, MCPF, GCF, William Parker, MCPF, GCF and David Lantrip, MCPF, GCF), with input from framing suppliers, preservation and conservation experts, museum specialists and industry consultants. 
This is the first in a PPFA "Comparative Standards" series, describing and categorizing materials and methods to help framing practitioners determine which selections are most appropriate. The authors categorize matboards into four classes: highest quality framing; most preservation framing; decorative framing; and decorative, short-term framing. 
The booklet also includes an extensive A to Z glossary of terminology relating to matboards. 
Softcover • 8 pages • $5.00

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