The Frame in America

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The Frame in America
by William Bruce Adair
The Frame in America, 1700-1900, revised and updated in 2013, is a classic work by William Bruce Adair published by Gold Leaf Studios that provides a fascinating look at the development of frames in the United States. Presenting dozens upon dozens of black-and-white photos covering a broad spectrum of framing styles, Adair provides a detailed look at the evolution of American frames.
   These frames and the artwork they surround were first presented at an American Institute of Architects’ exhibition in 1983. The appreciation of frame history has grown over the intervening three decades, in part because of that exhibit. Along with presentation of numerous examples of notable historical frames, this book also provides a look at the materials and techniques used in fabricating traditional gilded frames and frame construction, providing not just a visual presentation but also a historical record of important frames in America.
   This 70-page volume offers an excellent study of how these frames were crafted along with stylistic insight into the relationship between art and frames during the many different historical periods of this formative period of American art and design, showing their evolution from early colonial times until the late Victorian period.

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