Framing Works of Art on Canvas

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Framing Works of Art on Canvas
by Paul MacFarland, MCPF, GCF
Framing Works of Art on Canvas presents the many facets of framing and working with canvas-based art that picture framers encounter. Whether you are placing art on canvas into a frame for the first time or removing it from previous framing for placement in a new frame, this volume will provide valuable insights into the latest techniques to meet standard preservation practices. You’ll find in-depth looks at topics like working effectively with stretcher bars, fitting canvas and frame, removing canvases from frames, handling and storing canvas art, keying stretcher bars, backing for canvases, whether or not to glaze canvas art. This book is a necessary reference for every art and framing retailer who wants to be up to date on the latest techniques.
Softcover • 50 pages • $24.95


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