The Mounting And Laminating Handbook (3rd Edition)

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The Mounting And Laminating Handbook (3rd Edition)
by Chris A. Paschke, CPF, GCF
This newly revised edition remains the most comprehensive and technical handbook that it set out to be, but now covers even more of what the professional framer needs in a complete manual. Twenty pages worth of information from the 2nd edition have been condensed and edited, then 16 new ones added for a total of 36, making this a spectacular edition. It is still broken into the familiar chapters of wet, spray, pressure sensitive, and dry mounting, but expended cold mounting and laminating chapters now cover starch hinges, kozo backing, encapsulation, sink mounting, face mounting, sponge mounting, linen backing, digital canvases, and inkjet receptor layers. This edition absolutely belongs in every frame shop!
Softcover • 171 pages • $24.95


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